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You should consider the Suunto D9 dive computer when looking for quality scuba diving equipment that will help keep you safe underwater. We wish to provide you with useful information before you make your purchase, to help you make a well informed decision. The D9 has superior features and functions, even in its basic models. In fact, it is known for being the world's first all-in-one diving computer. Prices range between one thousand to two thousand dollars, depending on the options you chose and where it is being purchased. It is rated as a superior computer when compared with similar products in the same price range.

Capable of So Many Functions

You can wear the Suunto dive computer D9 as a watch when you are on dry land, but when it comes time to go for a dive, it features all the gauges to log depth, dive time, temperature, and no-decompression limits over multiple dives. You can switch between gauge and free diving or Metric and Imperial. This dive computer also has a digital compass that is capable of storing multiple headings making it superior to traditional compasses and giving you the capability of  memory for easier mapping.

It makes the D9 very attractive for deep and technical dives as it is capable of handling three gas mixes. It is possible to switch gases during the dive and oxygen mixtures of 21 to 100 percent can be measured. The Deep Stop RGBM allows you to add safety stops for these switches as it can be used in depths up to 660 feet or 200 meters. During testing it was found to be very reliable and capable, even after hundreds of dives.

Wireless Transmitter Features

You can connect the optional wireless transmitter to the first stage regulator, which converts the D9 into an SPG. For instructors, you can use multiple transmitters to monitor the pressure of more than one tank, which is helpful, as long as students remember to activate it before the dive starts, because otherwise, you have to return to the surface to activate it. The USB interface and PC software that comes with the D9 divers computer allows your dives to be easily logged and gives you a complete dive profile because it can store all of the pertinent data, including photos from the dive. This is interesting to compile information from individual dives, including the sites, conditions and any other information you may want to store as notes.

Other Things to Note

For Mac users, this software is not compatible, which is one of the only real drawbacks we have found with the Suunto D9, besides the need to replace the expensive battery, which is proprietary and requires the need to return it to the service center or the optional wireless transmitter feature, that has to be activated on the surface. Overall, this dive computer offers everything a deep diver could hope for in a wristwatch style computer. The all-in-one features are some of the best for divers that go on deep and technical dives. It is a superior option to consider when looking for dive computers.

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